Cynthia Ganatra
"Taking the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Nakul was one of the best decisions of my life. I received so many benefits from the course that I am eternally grateful for the experience and look forward to taking the 300 Hour Teacher Training. My original goal for taking the program was to become a high-quality Yoga Teacher, I achieved my goal and so much more than I could have ever imagined. Nakul's wisdom and insight into Yoga/Spirituality is nothing like I have seen before. He has given me the knowledge and skills I need to live a balanced and happy life. I feel truly blessed and thankful for meeting Nakul, taking the program and making lifelong friendships in the process. I recommend Nakul's courses at Divine Light to everyone I know regardless of their interest in Yoga, as I truly believe in my heart that everyone who takes a course will deeply benefit their mind, body and soul."
Words could never come close to describe the changes that went along with the YTT training. It is much more than what one could expect from a yoga teacher training. Nakul is incredibly calm, knowledgeable, and meets the student exactly where they are at, with a much personalized approach, pushing just the right amount to feel major changes in our psyche. He works very closely with us to bring us to higher levels of understanding of reality, to free ourselves from pain and misery. It also led me to develop a practice I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. I would recommend the training to anyone who is considering embarking on the yogic path more seriously and take steps towards the realization of our life’s purpose.
Lea Udry
We all search for Love, Happiness and Purpose. Sometimes when we think that we got it all figured out, change appears and we come across our own obstacles on the journey of life. Thanks to Nakul’s patient and insightful nature, many of the questions I have been holding found answers, or found a place to rest. In his unique way of Service and Devotion, Nakul, has given me great inspiration and understanding of life. Assisted by Karin, through her loving and sympathetic nature, she added to the program with creating a space of peace and healing. Her genuine support on my own personal journey to peace and joy is something I wish not to miss and I am entirely grateful for. This Teacher Training has definitely exceeded all expectations and I am so thankful to all that I was given there. Any person wanting to go deeper into the understanding of yoga and life in all its fullness should attend this teacher training program.
Corinne Aebischer
What a blessing! My request for the 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Switzerland – guided by Nakul – are more than just fulfilled. With his very concise, benevolent and sincere guidance through these weeks, I could not only consolidate my basement for the daily practice but also exploring my self on a deeper level. A changing perspective of the mind, increasing certainty and faith in the yogic path and in life, as well as an energized body… those are only some of the countless side effects this unique training nourished me with. The little flame within me got lit by this devoted yogi. And I know for sure, this flame will gently «set on fire» my whole being! Thank you very much indeed, Nakul!
Danila Hänzi
It is said right away: this training is not an ordinary Yoga-course! When Nakul says: “Ask all the questions you have concerning all aspects of life” then he exactly means it like that! You receive answers to all your questions that you have been longing for a long time but never have been given a satisfactory answer. More so – through resolving these problems, more questions are coming up! So you learn in this training on how to “experience” the answers by yourself. The loving and sincere support of Nakul and Karin on this challenging and at the same time joyful journey, is a true blessing. Deepest gratitude!
Alia Alibhai
Nakul has helped facilitate the beginning of an amazing journey for me. Through his teachings, I have started to learn how to use the tools I've been given to lead a balanced life and strive for ultimate happiness. His guidance has shown me that stepping slightly beyond your comfort zone is not necessarily hazardous, but a path towards growth in new ways. I have begun to experience a new side to spirituality that Nakul has helped me embrace fearlessly and openly. He provides a safe, calm environment that allows you to experience self-awareness and truth. Through this i have gained a better understanding of the connection between mind, spirit and body and the impact this has on daily living. The changes I have seen from Yoga teacher training relating to all aspects of my life: physically, emotionally and spiritually are a reflection of Nakul's patience and support.
Marsha Des Roches
One of the most important lessons I learned on this path is that the journey is constant and never ending. And though I've always understood that life was about learning and growing, I can now see that it doesn't have to be so hard, or even so frightening. We are meant to be in the driver's seat of our lives and not simply a What I've learned here at Ishwareem is that we have all always had everything we needed to get by in this life and to live it well. We are meant to be in control of our destinies and then we can make our own personal journies spectacular. Yoga is simply the beginning. During Yoga teacher Training in Vancouver, Nakul doesn't provide you with the answers to all your questions, he gives you the tools you need to answer them yourself. I feel free here. Free to learn, free to open up and explore, free to simply be. What an amazing process. It is not always easy, but it is always valuable and enriching. Thank you for the experiences. I know I will take what I have learned here and and use it throughout my personal journey and be the richer for it.
Sareeta BahadoorsinghLife Counsellor & Birth Doula
Nakul is one of a kind! His path is the right path for those contemplating in becoming a yoga teacher and a yearning to adopt a yogic lifestyle. Firstly, Nakul has a gentle and supportive teaching approach coupled with extensive knowledge in which he delivers effectively to his students in his yoga training classes. Only ½ way through the course, with confidence, I can already share that it is an authentic program verses learning alone with books or through a quick-fix trendy program. Secondly, Nakul is inspiring in that he practices what he conveys to his students. In addition, Nakul is not only my yoga instructor but he has also naturally assumed a role as a humble, spiritual coach. He is steadfastly committed to his student's health, well-being and spiritual growth by continuously encouraging us to experience a higher level of BE-ing. Only after one month, I already feel I have undergone a personal transformation! I promise that any student that is thinking of taking his yoga teacher training course is going to get more than what they signed up for.
Dr. Lila Popa
"Having completed Nakul's course, I feel like a completely different person, grateful and honored to be a part of his teachings. He has the power to heal your soul, answering your inner most difficult questions you might have. Beside the teacher training aspect of the course, I also found Nakul's program be soul therapy. Healing, guiding and awakening. Whoever has the privilege to be a part of Nakul's classes, should listen very carefully. He gives a lot of answers and guidance along with his teachings. Nakul will give you the right tools and succeed in life, as a yoga teacher and anything else one might desire. If one is able to really listen and really understand, Nakul can give you the gift of wisdom that can change your life forever! "
RosieWith Love and Gratitude
Ishwareem provides much more than your regular teacher training program. Yes, you will learn about Yoga philosophy, asana, meditation and pranayama. You will also cover human anatomy and physiology even as it pertains to your own body. But mostly you will be guided on an amazing journey into understanding your personal self and your purpose in this life. This is done with clear, concise direction and guidance, always with genuine care and consideration for your spirit and above all, with great compassion. Ishwareem really helps you balance spirituality with your everyday life. You will learn how to develop your own daily practice as well as be given the confidence and tools necessary to help and teach others. What I have learned and how I have grown under the guidance of Nakul has been life changing. My new found knowledge and awareness has provided me with a secure foundation, it has given me a strength I never had before – and life long friends too. If you are reading this yet undecided about taking the program my advice is very simple –Just Do It. I can only say that every single minute of my time with Ishwareem has been nothing less than a great blessing. I truly have awakened to a new reality of being.
Rob Richards
Under Nakul’s tutelage I truly took my yoga practice to a whole new level of understanding. Weather you are thinking about teaching yoga to others or just deepening your own practice, Nakul’s philosophy remains the same, he personifies yoga and challenges you to try and do the same. Not only will you walk away with a deep understanding of the yoga asana, you’ll also awaken to your higher self and discover the true meaning of yoga. Weather you embark on a 200 hour or 300 hour adventure with Ishwareem, you’ll be hard pressed not to embrace a true yogic lifestyle and thus eventually reap the rich rewards of yoga.
Yukinobu Ota http://seedtraining.wordpress.com/
Nakul’s unique and special 200 hours yoga teacher training at Ishwareem helped me learn about my truth in context to my past, present and future. During this yoga journey with Nakul, I realized that I was learning so many important spiritual teachings from my sword master in the past, but somehow those teachings were unconsciously inhibited by my mind. After the 200 hour journey, I felt more light, more fire within, that Nakul shared with us through his authentic yoga teachings. Being with this light and fire, I am able to release all fears and worries about my future. I strongly recommend this program for all seekers of life and light, whether you’re expecting to teach yoga or not.
Nakul helped me to discover my own unique way of learning authentic yoga and I gained a true learning experience. This experience showed me a great way to find long lasting happiness, health and my true gift within. If you have any questions or concerns about your spiritual path, the meaning of life or who you are, he addressed and clarified these things wholeheartedly and lovingly, not only as my yoga master but also as my friend. Every aspect of yoga we learned, we practiced and integrated into our daily life so that we could further deepen our understanding and gave us the ability to teach from own personal experience rather than from just memorized information. Regardless of your previous experience or background, as long as you are willing to be open and honest with who you are then you will be taken care of when doing this program.
Maya Varenka Kovats
Nakul is a wonderful human being, who leads this far-reaching teacher training with much calmness, wisdom and humor. On this journey of life, to receive such encouragement and expansion of consciousness, helps me to see further and deeper as well as act calmer and more loving. Also, this training gives a strong base of Yoga on all levels.
"Yoga Teacher Training with Ishwareem is a spiritual journey that encompasses all aspects of life. On this journey you are guided by various gifted instructors who introduce you to yoga philosophy, anatomy and Ayurvedic principles with great insight and thoughtful reflection. Not only you will gain the confidence and knowledge to become a good yoga instructor but more so you will start to discover your real self, your gifts and the power within you. "
Rimma T
I completed 200hr Yoga Teaching Program with Ishwareem. At first I had some hesitations on the purpose of me joining the program but closer to the end, I realised that I want to be a yoga teacher more than ever. Moreover, throughout the program Nakul provided me with individual support and guidance and helped me realise what true yoga is about. I would recommend this program to serious yoga practitioners who would like to become a yoga instructor or anyone who would want to go deeper in their practice.
Soraya Jamal
The teacher training course led by Nakul taught me how to look at life from a different perspective. I learned to shift my focus from the external environment to the internal self. I slowly realized how I was an active player in the game of life and my only opponent was my mind. Although the statement that you are not your mind or your thoughts seems obvious at a glance, truly grasping that concept is a daunting task. It is an ongoing process but each moment of realization gave me a sense of relief and I was overwhelmed with emotion. I have come to understand that the practice of yoga and meditation is a way of balancing the energies between the mind, body and, soul. It’s like the lens through which I was looking has been cleared. Everything I thought was a firmly held belief was questioned, challenged, and ultimately transformed. I only knew the truths of my mind and had buried the truths of my spirit. Upon completion of the program I gained so much more than the fundamental asanas (yoga postures), breathing, and meditation techniques. I caught a glimpse of my spirit and realized it was time to get reacquainted. I give great thanks to Nakul for his unwavering guidance, support, and knowledge for without this I would still be a stranger to myself.
I have a bachelor/master degree in Art and Art theory from the Sorbonne in Paris, France. It took me four years and a lot of hard work to get it. It was a painful struggle. To this day, I still haven't gotten any joy out of it. I've gotten an overload of inert knowledge, but nothing I consider to be very useful in life. And I am not being negative. Yes, it may have tested my abilities to blindly dedicate myself to “work,” but never did that really relieve any suffering, for myself or others. And on this earth today, we need relief. The 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Program I took at Ishwareem has been much more helpful than anything else I've ever accomplished in my entire life. Even more fulfilling and more useful than my bachelor/master. I don't regret a single hour of this course. It was no “piece of cake,” but it was not impossible either. It was only as challenging as I needed it to be. As if God Himself had tailored it to my needs. Ishwareem's training brought me more tangible answers than my various psychotherapies that had their purpose but were not designed to give me any tangible answers. There is a basic accessible and mandatory knowledge in Yoga that anyone can acquire in this teacher training program. But the Ishwareem course also contains a higher awareness that one can acquire at one's own pace and will, even after the 200 hours have gone. I have learned about the mind, and I have learned about faith, and I will continue to learn about these two essential things. What they are, why we loose them, and why we look for them. And with this I have learned to secure them. I am not enlightened. But I undeniably feel lighter than I have ever felt before. And maybe one day, I will inspire someone else to live life relatively free of suffering, fears and guilt, through Yoga. Because at Ishwareem, we don't just learn postures, we learn to teach, to help, to free, to relieve.
Barbara Babey
To follow this 200 hours program was one of the most enduring experiences I was given to make in this lifetime. Through obtaining the true essence of Yoga, in a safe and loving environment, the flame that lights everything, will continue to grow steadily. Grateful for having come across of all of this and all the inspirations, the journey will continue.
Melanie Spreitzer
I really enjoyed having been a part of a wonderful group during a program that allowed everyone to break new ground. My journey has just begun, with all that knowledge still to be gained, but you have built a strong base since day one. Thank you for the support during practice and your affirming words!
Ina Von
"Das 200h-Teacher Training mit Karin und Nakul war eine ganz tiefe und wunderbare Erfahrung! Schade, dass es schon zu Ende ist..., aber ich bleib dran! Herzlichen Dank für alles! Ina von Büren, RYT 200, 2012/2013
Annemarie Cieli
"In der liebevollen Begleitung meiner beiden Lehrer Karin und Nakul sowie unserer Gruppe habe ich gelernt mir selbst zu vertrauen. Yoga ist für mich aufgrund des 200Std-Training sehr wertvoll geworden!" Annemarie Cieli, RYT 200, 2012/2013
Mary Oberle
"Yoga vor meiner Haustüre...“da will ich hin“, dachte ich...und da bin ich geblieben! Ich kann nicht sagen, dass ich Yoga so ohne weiteres als meine Aufgabe erkannt hätte. Neben der Disziplin und Routine gefiel mir von Anfang an aber vor allem das Gefühl danach! Das 200 Stunden Training bei Karin und Nakul hat mich bis in mein Innerstes berührt. Durch ihre liebevolle Unterstützung konnte ich meine Yoga Praktiken vertiefen und mich mit der Philosophie von Yoga auseinandersetzen. Auf alle Fragen bekam ich Antworten! Das 200 Stunden Training hat meine Aufmerksamkeit geschärft, meinem Körper Kraft gegeben und lässt mich heute Dinge in einem freundlicheren Licht betrachten, das Leben gelassener und freier angehen." Mary Oberle, RYT 200, 2012/2013
Murielle Jacquened
"Cette formation est un excellent moyen d'approfondir ses connaissances du yoga, d'acquérir une pratique personnelle au quotidien et d'intégrer peu à peu la philosophie à tous les aspects de la vie. C'est une belle expérience d'ouverture à soi et au monde. Grâce au soutien et aux conseils bienveillants de Karin et de Nakul, j'ai pu progresser à mon rythme, dans la mesure de mes possibilités. Je me sens dorénavant engagée sur un chemin que je souhaite parcourir longtemps encore, tant il est riche et essentiel". - Murielle Jacquenoud, RYT 200, 2012/2013
The Ishwareem Yoga teacher training program was a chance for me to be able to practice and learn how traditional Yoga techniques can help us connect with the light within and share this knowledge with others. Thank you so much for this wonderful o
Roya Azadvari
When I began attending Nakul’s classes, just few months ago, I noticed that the quality of my practice changed; it became more mindful and focused. I also noticed that I was willing to challenge myself. Thanks to Nakul’s ability to create a safe and fun environment. I feel lucky to have found such a talented and generous teacher." I appreciate for the amount of teaching and sharing he provided during the classes. His passion for “Awakening” made the class memorable and enjoyable. " Daily classes, created a moving and soothing balance of physical and meditative learning that have changed my yoga practice and my everyday life in unexpectedly meaningful ways. "Your teaching is truly inspirational. Thank you for all I learned”
Kristina Brunckhorst
Die Teilnahme am 200h Programm mit Nakul & Karin war eine meiner richtigsten Entscheidungen im Leben. Ich habe gelernt, das Leben wieder neu zu begreifen. Eine Leichtigkeit & Glückseligkeit, von der ich geglaubt habe, sie für immer verloren zu haben, ist wieder da! Dank der Authentizität von Nakul & Karin ist es leicht, sich zu öffnen, zu entdecken & anzunehmen was in uns Allen schlummert & geweckt werden will. Die eigentliche Herausforderung liegt meistens nicht in den Übungen selbst, sondern eher in der Überwindung, sich TÄGLICH aufzuraffen & diese zu machen. Danke Euch beiden an dieser Stelle, für alles, was ihr mir mitgegeben habt. Kristina Brunckhorst, RYT200, 2012/2013
I joined this course with the willingness to learn about Yoga, in particularly about asanas and teaching techniques. From my point of view, this course is not really oriented to this direction. However it has brought to me something much more special, an introduction to the Yoga philosophy. Thanks to Nakul and Karin I was introduced to a new concept of life that has significantly affected my daily life since then and that I hope it will continue to be present in the future. Along this year, I have learned important lessons from Yoga and I have questioned myself about many deep topics. What I take from this 200h course is the importance of a daily practice using asanas, breathing techniques, mantras and meditation. In summary, I'm really happy to have attended to this course and I have learned from it much more than I originally expected.
I just want to express my deepest gratitude to Karin and Vasudeva Nakul for sharing their great experience and their wisdom of yoga with me over that last year, that has passed so incredibly quickly! This course has put me through a roller coaster ride in my feelings and it streanghtened my body and mind. Many thoughts and reflections about myself and my surroundings became clear and some of these ‘inputs’ I have received, I will gladly continue to pursue and invest time in it. I wish both, Vasudeva Nakul and Karin, happiness and a lot of satisfaction with everything they continue to do.
Après avoir longuement hésitée à m'inscrire pour la formation de 200RYT teacher training, je suis très heureuse de l'avoir fait, avec le recul, je me rend compte que les choses se sont presentées à moi d'une manière toute à fait naturelle pour pouvoir suivre cet enseigement. Je suis très contente d'avoir pu commencer mon chemin dans le yoga dans cette école où j'ai trouver les compétances, le soutien, et l'encouragement néçéssaire pour démarrer cet apprentisage qui est tellement vaste, et que j'espére pouvoir continuer pour aquérir des bases solides pour ma pratique et aussi pour pouvoir continuer à grandir spirituellement. Je remercie de tout coeur Karin et Vasudeva Nakul pour partager ces enseignements. Patricia Rollier Thomas