Deep down we know that we have the potential to be completely HAPPY HEALTHY and ENLIGHTENED, which is our true, divine nature. Then why is it that we are not able to realize our true potential? No matter how much we try, there is something within us that remains unfulfilled. We know in our heart that there is a higher truth and purpose that is still hidden, but we do nothing to seek it. What is the reason?

It is because we identify ourselves with our physical mind, physical body, physical desires and dreams. Then you might ask whom or what should we identify with? Who are we truly?

Essentially, we are spirit beings residing in a human body. A Spirit being has a soul (Atma), which is our eternal spirit body, just as we as human beings have a physical body. Our soul comprises of our characteristics (good and bad qualities) and our past good and bad karma (law of cause and effect).

Our soul has a divine potential of becoming perfect – pure wisdom and love. And our life, as a physical being, is a tool to help us realize that potential. Yoga is the process, the way, and the journey, to become that potential.

On our path of self-realization, we have been given a Guide, a Guru, a Master – the Higher Mind – to help us throughout the journey. Our Higher Mind is to the soul what the physical mind is to the physical body. The soul and the Higher Mind are joined together for eternity. We might be familiar with the saying, “Be a master of your mind and not its slave.” But what does it truly mean? Who should be the master of our physical mind? Our Higher Mind.

This mind has all the wisdom to guide and lead us through this journey called life and help us become our Divine potential. Unfortunately, in most of us, this mind is dormant. We need to activate and nourish it in order to access its wisdom. Wisdom is light that shows us the truth, and truth is the way to get rid of all suffering, which is a result of darkness (ignorance).

Yoga means to unite. Unite our physical body and our physical mind with our Divine Mind, the Higher Mind. This alignment is basically our physical mind’s cooperation and surrender to the Higher Mind.

Yoga is to become your Higher Self. YOGA – Your Own Guide Awakens.