Benefits of Yoga


  • Hatha Yoga makes the spine more flexible. This in turn enhances blood flow so that more oxygen and nutrients are available to the spine.
  • It builds core strength and works on the nervous system, the glandular system, and the skeletal system (joints and bones).
  • It rejuvenates the internal organs and makes them healthier.
  • It reverses the ill effects of stress and slows down the aging process,.
  • Yoga is the safest and healthiest way to lose weight.


  • It helps you focus and develop powers of concentration, thereby memory and intellectual capacity are increased
  • It teaches us to be focused and balanced even in the most difficult situations.
  • Right attitude is one of the core principles of Yoga. Yoga teaches us that how we do things is as important as what we do. Simple stretches done with the right attitude and correct breathing are more beneficial than the most complicated and difficult of postures done with the wrong attitude and incorrect breathing.
  • Yoga philosophy of being active and strong from a calm and restful place teaches us how to be calm and relaxed in the most complicated situations of daily life.
  • Yoga develops a sense of freedom as it does not require dependency on treadmills, weight-lifting machines etc.
  • Yogic breathing helps in quieting the over active analytical mind which enables us to be a master of our own mind and not its slave.
  • Yoga philosophy of doing our best in whatever we do, without any attachments to the outcome, helps us live our life to the fullest.
  • Yoga helps generate a positive happy state and helps us get over our depression.
  • Yoga helps us to live in the moment- the only time you truly live.


Three Promises Of Life!

First- A promise to bring healing into your Mind, Body & Soul, therefore, realizing your true potential of being completely happy, healthy & enlightened.
Second- To not only become a Master yourself, but also to help others realize their Master within.
Third - To find your unique Divine Talent & learn how to use it to fulfill your Divine Mission.

These three eternal promises will lead you to your Divine Purpose of life, (your reason for being here.)

ONE Route – Yoga Teacher Training Certification Program.