We at Ishwareem teach authentic yoga without any stylization.

They are all the same.

Ashthanga literally means eight(ashtha) limbs(anga) and one of them is Asana, Raja yoga also means the eight limbs as structured by sage Patanjali, Hatha yoga comprises the first four limbs of Raja yoga and all yoga is geared towards the awakening of Kundalini (the creative life force or Prana). Certainly there are certain advanced techniques and short cuts, physical as well as mental, that lead to the awakening of Kundalini but they are given only to prepared students, otherwise these advanced techniques can harm people severely on a mental and physical level. We do have different paths of Yoga like Jnana(knowledge), Bhakti(love & devotion), Raja(scientific), Mantra etc. But we need to practice all in order to reach our final goal which is to be completely happy, healthy and enlightened.

Yoga is all about balance and natural living. Any extreme goes against the principles of yoga. Asanas(postures) and Pranayamas(breathing excercises) should be performed in a clean, quite, well ventilated room or in the open air. Asanas should be performed only to the extent that is comfortable; overstraining should be avoided. Patience, perseverance and regularity ensure success.

If that is the justification then why did most of the advanced yogis traveled up north to the Himalayas in the summertime?

Because cooler temperature is more conducive to Yoga as most Yogic practices are geared towards generating a lot of heat. Please don’t get me wrong, gyms, health clubs, sports, they all have their benefits. If you see it from another perspective all life is Yoga i.e. manifestation of the Divine Spirit. Yoga is the art and science of aligning your body, mind and spirit(Divine Intent). Through this alignment, we can access the inherent healing power in us and experience our highest potential. Any thing done from a place of true alignment with spirit is Yoga.

Well it depends on your intention. If you are looking for temporary fitness then gyms, boot camps and hot yoga is all right. If you want to become physically as well as mentally strong and confident then you could learn and practice martial arts’ which again has its foundations in Yoga and if done with a Divine Intent becomes Yoga. If expressing your spirit in the form of dance brings you joy then dance is Yoga for you as music and dance are a very integral part of ancient Vedic scriptures. The key point is that any activity done with pure intentions results in joy & brings healing to your mind, body and spirit. A happy heart indeed brings true healing.

There are many reasons for that. First, people get confused because there are so many different names given to the same Asana class that you have in different studios. Second, many people created new names by giving a different color and shape to the original structure which was laid down by sage Patanjali either because it worked well for them in particular or to package and market themselves or their technique as special. Third, it has been fused with different physical cultures. Yoga is a way of getting rid of all styles and going back to our purest state. At Divine Light we teach all authentic tools and techniques and let students discover and chose what works for them.

Stylize means to restrict or make conform to a particular style. We, at Ishwareem, do not impose a style or a fixed structure on our students, as we know every human being is unique. Our job is to help our students discover a style, which suits them the most.

People who have a genuine desire to explore and experience their own Divine within and bring healing to their body, mind and soul.

No, a person who is not very flexible but stretches with correct breathing and right attitude will benefit as much as a person who is super flexible.

We help people develop a strong practice and a complete & clear understanding of Yoga(life).

We continue working with the students, as we believe a student teacher relationship is life long and is not restricted by a structured, 500 hour, program. Students continue to work with us individually or through our monthly gatherings.