Accessible Tuition Program

We at ishwareem agree that for some people Yoga Teacher Training Programs are unaffordable. Economic advantage should not be the factor that determines whether or not individuals have access to that which will enable the development and unfolding of their highest human potential. This is not only unfair, it is counter to the common good.

As a community, we are burdened by misconceptions about tuition and the process of adjusting tuitions. The system we currently use is a fixed tuition system. This provides a stable financial base, which comprises our operating budget.

We have started the Accessible Tuition Program with its process of adjusting tuition in order to accommodate those individuals who could not afford to pay the published fees. In the majority of cases it is possible to make objective comparison to what other people with similar income levels and life situations are paying and then consider extenuating circumstances. Given such exceptions, most individuals that go through the process are asked to pay an adjusted tuition that represents a specific percentile ‘window’ of their income.

The purpose of the Accessible Tuition Program in our school is to make Ishwareem Yoga Teacher Training Programs accessible to as many people as possible. Healthy economic policies must meet and balance our financial realities.

Application Process:
downloadIf you choose to apply to the program based on financial need, the Accessible Tuition application process allows us to review relevant information in order to help meet your request. You are required to complete an Accessible Tuition Application, and submit your application along with a copy of your most recent Income Tax Notice of Assessment. The application is reviewed by the school, after which the Director of Admissions will notify you of its decision. If you are in agreement with the Committee’s recommendation, the School will then proceed with registration.

The school will contact you to schedule an interview with you. This interview is to assess both the school’s ability to meet your needs and the level of fit for you with our educational approach, as well as to provide an opportunity for you to ask questions in person.

All information is held in confidence by the Committee and the school’s Administration and will not be used for any other purpose.